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best stock trading platform in India Filmmaker Junction is an online and live event resource for filmmakers and the Los Angeles office for Living Spirit and Guerilla Film in London. We run workshops, seminars, networking events, and offer podcasts, vodcasts, a directory and message board to help YOU connect with other filmmakers.

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At Filmmaker Junction, we love travelling the world to bring you the best in live film events such as The Documentary Summit and Crime Series Interactive: Law & Disorder. And now YOU can help us keep them going.  


Filmmakers Alliance in Los Angeles has come on as the Fiscal Sponsor for Filmmaker Junction. That means donations to FJ become tax deductible via Filmmaker Alliance's 501 (c) 3 status. Just click on the donate button below to contribute and Filmmakers Alliance will send you a letter for your records. Anything you give makes a HUGE difference and gets big THANK YOU from us.

Upcoming Events

Filmmaker Junction CSI: DISORDER

NOVEMBER 2-3, 2013- Los Angeles

stock trading platform You want authentic? We've got authentic. Off the success of The Crime Writers Weekend, Filmmaker Junction looks at criminals and life behind bars. 


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The Hollywood Field Trip

Hollywood, October 2013

You live outside Hollywood. You want to work in Hollywood. You have no idea how to get your foot in the door. Would a week of meetings with top LA agents, manager and production executives help? That's what The Hollywood Field Trip is - a way in.

Check out the past and current event here




FREE 2 hour seminar with legendary screenwriter

best stock trading platform A terrific Script To Screen with Screenwriter / Director George Gallo (Bad Boys, Midnight Run and Wise Guys) that is hilarious, educational and inspiring... He discusses his experience writing movies such as Wise Guys, Midnight Run and Bad Boys... SIGN UP NOW TO GET IT RIGHT AWAY!